Chemical Moving

Accelerated Moving & Storage, Inc. provides intrastate and interstate research enterprise relocation. Most laboratory chemicals, reagents and solutions can be readily packed and transported. Our experience ranges from one-day moves within your facility, to larger, multiple-day phased moves. We will safely segregate, package, transport and unpack your chemicals. We can also provide a decommissioning service on those chemicals left behind in conjunction with your facilities Chemical Safety Officer or Office of Environmental Health and Safety.


  • USDOT Certified personnel
  • Personal protection equipment (PPE) and supplies
  • Full or partial chemical packing and unpacking service
  • All necessary containers and supplies such as vermiculite and
  • absorbents
  • Approved unpacking compliance for chemicals

Our personnel are certified to handle your chemicals in compliance with the regulations stipulated by the USDOT. With Accelerated, we will ensure that the relocation of your chemicals will comply with all regulations and be handled in a safe manner.

Personal Protection Equipment and Supplies – Accelerated has the necessary equipment and supplies to complete each project which include:

  • Generator truck with lift gates
  • Packaging materials (bubble wrap, containers, labels and absorbent)
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • First Aid kits
  • Spill control materials
  • Coolers with wet and dry ice
  • Poly bags and sheets
  • Inventory sheets
  • Portable eyewash
  • Bills of lading/labeling
  • UN approved materials

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